“Not” Resolutions for 2012

January 1, 2012

Happy 2012! Hope everyone had a fun, celebratory New Year’s Eve. Now we arrive at January 1, New Year’s Day. This is a day when everyone decides to make a list of things they want to do for the coming year. It is a time for people to say they are going to visit the gym more, eat better, or run more miles.

For 2012, I propose we make some “not” resolutions for our fitness goals. We should pick things we do not want to do. Pitfalls we want to avoid. By steering clear of those downfalls, we can progress faster to our ultimate objectives. I am sure there will be people thinking this is not the right way to go about resolutions because it is not being positive enough. Quite the opposite though, this should be about advancing yourself by reducing that which blocks your path to success. If it does help, you can always re-frame it in a positive light.

I will start off with mine. One of my biggest problems is being smart about pacing. In college, I ran with a guy who always knew exactly how fast we were running. Some people have that internal sense. With experience I have become better, but am still nowhere near that level. The problem is that even if I have a good idea about my pace I am often prone to ignoring it. When you negative split—running the second half of a race or workout faster than the first—it is a good sign that you have properly stuck to a game plan and that you are in good enough physical shape in order to execute your strategy.

The positive split is my arch nemesis. Too often does an overzealous start spell disaster by the end of a race. My 2012 “not” resolution is to not positive split important training runs and big races. Or if you prefer, I would like to negative split as much as possible.

What is your 2012 “not” resolution- running, fitness, or otherwise? Share them all here and then when December 31, 2012 rolls around (if the Mayans are wrong anyway), we can evaluate together how we did.

Elmo With His Party Hat On (Note: he's a barefoot runner)



  1. as my only running is on the treadmill the built-in program takes care of both my positive and negative splits.
    I suppose for you “professional” runners it’s unethical to use a watch to check your splits?

    • I am glad you used quotations around “professional.” Do not want to speak for other readers, but I am guessing we would all call ourselves pretty amateur at this point. Just having fun, and enjoying the great sport of running. Although perhaps winning a free pair of socks and a turkey puts me over into the “paid to play” category, who knows.

      As for your actual point, having a watch only helps you know your splits if you know where the mile markers are located. So during a race, maybe. If you are on a track, also helpful. For a long run when you just hit the road and wing it, just let the wind be your guide. But knowing your pace and splits does not always help either. It is certainly possible (and I do it on occasion) to push a pace intentionally. This could have either positive strategic benefits or awful personal ones.

  2. Resolutions are useless. What is important to you? What is important to me is:
    Growth through learning, challenge, change and risk
    Achievement through measurable things in business and athletics.
    Fulfillment through leadership, helping others and making a mark on my world
    Love through relationships
    All of my resolutions, anti-resolutions, goals, tasks and projects fit into this framework.
    Chris – (sorry to be an adult once in a while) 🙂

    • Part of my post was intentionally meant to poke a little fun at the resolution phenomenon. Though I do see the important benefits of tangible goal setting and wanted to highlight that.

      On the other hand, isn’t a resolution is just a euphemism for a “measurable thing” and “fulfillment” anyway? But somehow I could not see my local gym advertising a “New Year’s anti-resolution sale” with no-membership fee where the first month is free. But who knows, maybe this conversation will start a new marketing trend- we could put that in our business goal column!

      To your apology for being an adult, I accept that. 🙂

  3. this applies to an earlier post about sneakers. I “previously” ran on the treadmill in my slippers. Well, the other day they CAME APART, the bottom separated from the top, after ONLY about 300 miles (give or take a couple of hundred). A wierd experience, the white inner sole and the bottom flapping around on the tread. Of course I have been told how dumb that was in the first place but as it was told to me by people who love me I can accept the criticism. I run in sneakers now of course.

  4. My resolution is to run a race–NOT–a marathon but a mini mini with my favorite runners–Steve, Lucy, Joanna, Ed and Mindy some time in 2012!

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