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Glide On, Pain Off

August 20, 2012

My nipple danger zone is around five miles. It is like sitting in the splash area at a Sea World show. There is a slim chance you won’t get wet, but that is very unlikely. For me, as I approach that five mile mark, or the 35-40 minute range, the chances of a certain repetitive motion ailment increase drastically. Not including musculo-skeletal injuries, chafing is one of the most painful things that can happen during a run. More so than a twisted ankle or pulled hamstring, chafus maximus is very much avoidable. But what is the magical cure to such ails? This runner unequivocally says the answer is Body Glide.

Body Glide: anti-chafe (miracle) balm

Now if this were a serious science experiment, I would also test and evaluate at least one competing alternative. It is always important to experiment in running to see what works best—sneakers, shorts, socks, etc. On the other hand, we runners also tend to stick to one thing once we find a product, workout, or route that works well. Body Glide has been immensely effective, and I do not intend to take my chances elsewhere. The biggest other option for the chafing problem is Vaseline. I keep ChapStick on hand for my lips, and Body Glide for any other potentially chafed areas. With apologies to its supporters, I just find Vaseline unappealing.

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