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Running Is A Gift

October 22, 2012
“On a run, you can find yourself.
In a run, you can lose yourself.
Either way, running is bliss.”
-P. Mark Taylor

There are shelves of books available about running. You can find autobiographies by elite runners detailing their quests for greatness. Then there are instructional books written by seasoned coaches on the best ways to train for certain distances. Still, there are others penned by writers who are also runners and have their own story to tell. Each category has a plethora of inspiration and sound advice. What is harder to find amidst this corpus of literature are books by the everyman or everywoman runner. Enter Dr. P. Mark Taylor and The Gift of Running: a book for runners & future runners.
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Shadow Run, a poem

October 2, 2012

Night running is part surreal
And part too real
Silence screams between your ears
Darkness blinds every glance

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