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In the “PR Spotlight”!

January 30, 2013

One of the first running blogs I started reading when I discovered the online community of runners was Michele’s NYC Running Mama – she is down-to-earth, roots for the Yankees and (New York football) Giants, served our country, and is also really fast. The blog has a ton of great content about training, racing, mom-ing, and everything in between. Recently, she started a clever series called “PR Spotlight,” which would highlight and interview runners who had recently set a personal best. In recognition that we are all always learning, Michele is likely to feature a very diverse crowd, one in which I am now honored and humbled to be included.

My hope in doing this is to further enrich the dialogue and learning opportunities both on this blog and over on NYC Running Mama. In the feature, I share some of my running history and training tips that have worked thus far. My own PR at Philly is a good starting point for many of these conversations, but the goal is always to keep things as open as possible. Of course, please comment there to show support for Michele’s blog and my interview. If you feel so moved, come back here and leave a message or ask any questions you may have after reading the spotlight.

A huge thank you to Michele for including me. Now get on over and check it out!


Thanks, Brooks!

January 21, 2013

Back in the fall, Brooks (@brooksrunning) put out a call on Twitter for any of its followers to contact them for a special surprise gift. With their sneakers sitting next to me, I decided to answer and see what was in store. A representative responded in short order and explained that they simply wanted to show gratitude to some of their many fans. They did not ask for proof that I already owned any of their products, nor did I promise to buy anything further. Less than two weeks later, a package showed up at my doorstep with some nice goodies! It included a water pouch, wristband, sticker, and a friendly note. In these days of huge businesses with horribly frustrating customer service and public interactivity, this was a very welcomed gesture. The “stuff” is nice, but the effort itself is far more appreciated. It is quite heartening to see Brooks, along with many other sneaker companies,  trending in this direction.

The Brooks slogan of “Run Happy” continues to put a smile on my face and plainly echoes my love for running. So to Brooks, thank you. To everyone else, run happy!

Thanks, Brooks! #runhappy

Thanks, Brooks! #runhappy

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