XTERRA Atlantic Trail Run Series

February 27, 2013

Some people prefer to pound the pavement while others prefer to watch reality television as they kick through miles on the treadmill. There is yet another group that includes those who skip off to the far reaches of nature to find even the smallest piece of passable off-road terrain. For trail runners, most any path will do. Trail running can be simultaneously peaceful and exhilarating. There is something to say for the quiet rhythm of feet crunching leaves, jostling pebbles, or sloshing through mud.

Until now, my racing choice has remained predictable: train on roads and trails, race on the blacktop. Not anymore. This year, I test out my trail chops. More specifically, I am participating in the XTERRA: Atlantic Trail Run Series, which includes distances from 5k up to a full marathon. This inaugural series is being put on by Adventure Geek Productions, a group dedicated to community and “the opportunity to come together, achieve fitness goals, and have FUN!”

The series has four races, two in Maryland and two in Delaware, and each day features two distances from which to chose. Top finishers at the longer distances will be awarded points, which will accumulate throughout the series. Each age group winner receives free entry into the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship race in Ogden, Utah, in September 2013. To read the rest of the rules, click here. The Atlantic race schedule is as follows:

March 9 – XTERRA Brandywine Creek Trail Run – Wilmington, DE – 12k and 5k
April 6 – XTERRA Seneca Creek Trail Run – Gaithersburg, MD – 10k and 5k
May 25 – XTERRA Lums Pond Trail Run – Bear, DE – 10k and 5k
June 22 – XTERRA Big Elk Trail Run – Elkton, MD – 42k (full marathon) and 21k (half-marathon)

These races are going to be a great time, that is certain. For full disclosure, I ran two Adventure Geek races last year and met their team. Not only do they care about the race itself and everyone involved, but there is also a great deal of effort put towards making the event a memorable experience. If you check out their website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram, you will really get a sense of the enjoyment and hard work this group puts into every race. As race directors, their enthusiasm is matched only by their artistic creativity. With so many races mass produced by huge organizations, it is a nice change to have such a personable group of people put together some top quality events.

Adventure Geek arm warmer - thumbs up!

Adventure Geek arm warmer – thumbs up!

As for the courses themselves, I have run only the Seneca Creek trail. A large section of the park, and the entire 5k course, circles the peaceful Clopper Lake, as the trail undulates across roots and dirt. The area is also home to some pretty active beavers, who have inspired one incredibly cool, original race logo. Not far from the urban sounds of our nation’s capital, this place offers a calm respite to outside world, and will certainly play host to a challenging and rewarding race experience.

Clopper Lake, host of the XTERRA Seneca Creek 5k & 10k

Clopper Lake, host of the XTERRA Seneca Creek 5k & 10k

Not having ever been to the other three trails makes me both nervous and excited. For the locations that will be new to me, there will be plenty of map studying beforehand if I am not able to make it out in advance. The races are likely to be competitive, grueling, and dirty. Sounds like fun to me! Trail running is a special kind of athletic experience. The air feels somehow uniquely crisp as it passes through the lungs, and even getting lost can be fun.

Think about signing up. Each race promises its own adventure and there are distance options for everyone. The swag is sure to be unique and something you will be proud to have earned. Just don’t be sad if I roar past you in the final straightaway for the win. Although I am more likely to slide past you on my butt down a muddy hill, a runner can dream. Hope to see you on the trails!

To register for the XTERRA Atlantic races: http://www.adventuregeekproductions.com/xterra-trail-running-series.html

To learn more about the XTERRA Trail Race series: http://www.xterraplanet.com/trailrun/



  1. Sounds very challenging and lots of fun. Are most of the runners young or can an older person tackle these courses?

    • A fun challenge, just have to bring a positive attitude and lots of energy! I think I can speak for Adventure Geeks on this and say, “come one, come all!”

    • Currently our oldest registered participant is 67 and our youngest is 7.

  2. Yea, the AGeeks are a fun bunch. I will say though the age group tends to be on the young side…something I notice more each year 😉

    • Maybe we are just getting older! For me though, I love seeing younger runners in big numbers. Solid competition and shows that our sport is in good hands. Plus, it gives us a chance to beat some young whipper snappers!

      And thanks for commenting, hope to see you back soon!

  3. I need to make one of my goals a trail run!! You’re convincing me!!

    • I have had that conversation with many people lately. It is an amazingly fun time, a truly unique experience, and anyone can do it!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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