About the Runner

The mind of a runner can be an interesting place. The problem is that we often forget all the internal debates and crazy thoughts by the time we get back home. This blog is an attempt to recall, expand, and store those pearls of running wisdom. When I say wisdom, I mean random stuff that pops in my head.

So why read this blog? Because there are plenty of questions that every runner has that just should be addressed in this type of forum rather than just out there on the streets, tracks, trails, and locker rooms. No issue will be off limits, with the aim to educate and to start a healthy dialogue with anyone who wants to engage. The plan is to mix it up between serious, humorous, and the downright unusual.

For the record, I have been running for the better part of 15 years. I competed in high school and college, have run two marathons, plenty of road races, and worked as a personal trainer during my college years. I continue to push myself as I work to avoid injury, ignore aging, and enjoy the experience.

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