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Runner: On the Right!

November 11, 2011

There seems to be no more fitting way to start this blog in earnest than with its eponymous post. I want to talk about etiquette. Specifically, verbal queues as they apply to runners, bikers, and other pedestrians. These are rules that should be followed for safety, efficiency, and because it’s just the right thing to do. As many common courtesies wane from society, and as the number of bike lanes and casual walkers are on the rise, we runners can sometimes be left feeling like the middle child in the un-motorized brood.

Warn Before PassingSome cities have declared it “unlawful” to be a pedestrian in a bike lane; some states have only provided cyclists with “preferential” treatment on that coveted piece of pavement. I would like to put aside the legal arguments for now and just discuss this on a personal level. Of course, if there is a law, I encourage following it. As a warning, know that this diatribe is a gross overstatement and does not apply to every biker or runner. Exaggeration is made only to highlight my points. Additionally, if you feel offended by any of them, you are probably an offender yourself. So read carefully! Read the rest of this entry ?

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