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Socks and OJ

December 25, 2012

Caveat #1: I am not a doctor. I have no medical training. I just have experience, and even that is limited. With that in mind, please take my advice as truth and accept it without question.

Every time the cold weather comes around we all experience that same ominous feeling. You roll out of bed in the morning and try to clear your throat. Your heart sinks as you feel that lump making it hard to swallow. You know that some sort of sickness is imminent, but is it inevitable? Is there a way to stop it? The anxiety is always compounded if you are signed up to run a winter race or if you are just trying to maintain your shape through all those holiday meals and baked goods in the office. Read the rest of this entry ?


The Great Muppet Taper

March 13, 2012

If you have run a half-marathon or full marathon, then you probably know the concept of the taper. For those who have not, a taper is the scaling back of a training routine in the immediate lead-up to a big race in order to let your body fully rest and prepare for the effort. If you have kids, or ever were one, then hopefully you know the majesty that is the whimsical world of the Muppets. As Runner: On the Right hits the taper for a marathon, it can be helpful to relax and have a laugh. To that end, and as homage to a great Muppet film, please enjoy the following little movie, straight from the lily pad.

Here’s some simple advice: Always be yourself. Never take yourself too seriously. And beware of advice from experts, pigs, and members of Parliament.


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