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Toe the Line

October 23, 2011

The starting gun is about to go off on this fresh new running blog. It will hopefully address questions you have asked, and plenty more you never thought about or had too much class to bring up yourself. It will also hopefully serve as a platform for discussion on some of the deeper questions. You know: “can I run in the bike lane?”, “when is an appropriate time to snot rocket?”, and “Vaseline or Body Glide?”.

Essentially, this venue is going to attempt to start a dialogue about running, to educate where possible, and to simply offer the (often unique) opinion of a fellow runner. I am not a professional, but I do love to train and compete. I do not coach, but I love answering questions about running from my own experience and knowledge. Requests, comments, and recommendations are always encouraged. Finally, if you want to know a little more about Runner: On the Right, jog on over to the bio page.

Run hard. Run smart. Run fun.

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