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Glide On, Pain Off

August 20, 2012

My nipple danger zone is around five miles. It is like sitting in the splash area at a Sea World show. There is a slim chance you won’t get wet, but that is very unlikely. For me, as I approach that five mile mark, or the 35-40 minute range, the chances of a certain repetitive motion ailment increase drastically. Not including musculo-skeletal injuries, chafing is one of the most painful things that can happen during a run. More so than a twisted ankle or pulled hamstring, chafus maximus is very much avoidable. But what is the magical cure to such ails? This runner unequivocally says the answer is Body Glide.

Body Glide: anti-chafe (miracle) balm

Now if this were a serious science experiment, I would also test and evaluate at least one competing alternative. It is always important to experiment in running to see what works best—sneakers, shorts, socks, etc. On the other hand, we runners also tend to stick to one thing once we find a product, workout, or route that works well. Body Glide has been immensely effective, and I do not intend to take my chances elsewhere. The biggest other option for the chafing problem is Vaseline. I keep ChapStick on hand for my lips, and Body Glide for any other potentially chafed areas. With apologies to its supporters, I just find Vaseline unappealing.

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My First Barefoot Experiment

January 17, 2012

All of us runners are a little strange in one way or another, right? Our non-runner friends always inquire why we would want to be on our feet for so long only to end up at the same place we started, exhausted and malodorous. At times, I cannot figure it out either. We keep at it through cold weather, extreme fatigue, dehydration, and stomach problems. Then there are the injuries. Oh, the injuries. Sore knees, twisted ankles, angry IT bands, and pulled hamstrings to name just some of the common runner ailments.

Recently, I wrote about hurting my Achilles by stupidly running on sneakers with worn out support. It started feeling better after a week of rest, ice, and a healthy (but safe) does of ibuprofen. Then I ran on it for about an hour on a nearby trail with a buddy. Though it felt good during the run, by the time I got back home it was screaming once again. That was a Monday. By the subsequent weekend I was fed up with the prospective of this once-a-week run pattern. Or worse. Read the rest of this entry ?


Time to Change the Tires

December 26, 2011

(Caveat: I do not work for a sneaker company, nor do I receive any benefit, save the occasional Tweet, from them.)

Hello, my name is Runner and I am a heel striker. Although there is no official diagnosis anywhere in my medical history, I have engaged in this type of activity ever since I can remember.

According to a Harvard study, which I am inclined to believe, this is not a healthy habit. My feet hit the ground hard, but the ground hits back even harder. This makes it all the more obvious to my legs when the support cushioning in my running sneakers begins to give way. Conventional wisdom says to change your running shoes after 300-400 miles. This is variable, of course, depending on body type, running form, running surface, and the shoes themselves. Regardless, the importance of knowing when it is time to switch out the old ones for a shiny new set of sneaks may mean the difference between solid performance and disastrous injury.

Part of my Adrenaline collection, old and new

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