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I Love Running Uphill (Why You Should Too)

November 21, 2011

“Hills are speedwork in disguise.”
-Frank Shorter

If you can’t bear to look at a race training plan with hill workouts, or find yourself avoiding local loops that you know are not totally flat, stop making excuses. Hill running is all sorts of important and I think it is time we stopped complaining. At the very least runners need to view hills similarly to how we ask kids to act towards Brussels sprouts, a necessary but valuable evil. So whether or not you are training for a race, these are a few good reasons why every runner should rethink their gradient grouchiness.

Practice like you play

How many times have you heard a runner blame poor performance on a hilly course, or complained of that yourself? We have all done that at some point. But then look back to your training and how many specific hill repeats did you do? Even in some of my preferred training plans there are scarce hill workouts. This is not to say that the novice runner needs to start scheduling mountain runs every third day, just keep it in mind if you are training for a race. So let us not take the topography of a race for granted and be prepared for some bumpy runs. Find a nearby hill that challenges you, run hard up and then jog back down for recovery. Rinse and repeat. If you have an upcoming local race, go out to the course and do the same thing. You will be better off and not surprised when you get there on race day. Read the rest of this entry ?

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