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Thanks, Brooks!

January 21, 2013

Back in the fall, Brooks (@brooksrunning) put out a call on Twitter for any of its followers to contact them for a special surprise gift. With their sneakers sitting next to me, I decided to answer and see what was in store. A representative responded in short order and explained that they simply wanted to show gratitude to some of their many fans. They did not ask for proof that I already owned any of their products, nor did I promise to buy anything further. Less than two weeks later, a package showed up at my doorstep with some nice goodies! It included a water pouch, wristband, sticker, and a friendly note. In these days of huge businesses with horribly frustrating customer service and public interactivity, this was a very welcomed gesture. The “stuff” is nice, but the effort itself is far more appreciated. It is quite heartening to see Brooks, along with many other sneaker companies,  trending in this direction.

The Brooks slogan of “Run Happy” continues to put a smile on my face and plainly echoes my love for running. So to Brooks, thank you. To everyone else, run happy!

Thanks, Brooks! #runhappy

Thanks, Brooks! #runhappy


#Running Community

January 24, 2012

For the uninitiated or those who think they are too cool, the pound sign in the title is not a typo. Regardless of your reasons for abstention, Twitter is all around us and growing more pervasive each day. The “hashtag”—as that little tic-tac-toe board is known within the social networking superpower—is meant to group together terms which can then be ranked as popular and easily searched.

But what does any of that have to do with running? Anyone who has run an organized race, gone out with a running club, hashed, or just jogged with a friend, knows the brand of camaraderie that running engenders. The bond over a mutual interest which can often involve a varying degree of both pain and ecstasy is quite strong. Running is an all natural, old-school kind of social network. Read the rest of this entry ?

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